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Shipping As a Way of Life

What Matchmakers Reincarnate Into

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This community is for shippers of all sorts. M/F, M/M and F/F are all welcome here. All fandoms and crossovers as well. Talk about your couples, post icons, artwork, fanfic, plug your site, whatever. Just a few rules:

1. No anti-couple stuff. If you do not like A with B cause you prefer A with D then talk about A with D. If you want to politely question or debate a couple that's fine. I reserve the right to step in and put a stop to flames though.

2. Any NC-17 stuff must be labeled and put behind a cut. Let's keep things somewhat decent.

3. If you have more the three icons they must be behind a cut...as well as any artwork. This is just to save loading time for people.

4. No canon vs fanon wars. Honestly it never accomplishes anything and neither side ever budges.

Well have fun all!