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Shipping As a Way of Life
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Sunday, June 17th, 2007
10:55 pm

Hello, my name is larouxvixen, and I am a Jared/Jensen shipper. I'm sorry, they're hot, they're all over each other, they play brothers, what can I say? However, I managed to restrain my urge to let it out until very recently, when this fic emerged, fully formed, from my head. I wrote it, cried for my soul, then showed it to my friends, who did the same thing. So, more experienced shippers, tell me what you think!


Rating: hard R to NC-17
Summary: Jared has a huge girly crush, moons about, gets some "advice" from Christian Kane, and then there's porn. Lot's of it.
Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
7:15 pm
Intro and 'ships I like
Well, I'll bite and be the first one to respond I guess ...

I'm Susan, I'm 37, live in lovely Fargo, North Dakota with my husband and 2 daughters (16 & just shy of 3). I'm a writer striving toward publication of my original fiction. I also write fan fiction, which I admit distracts me from my original fiction. And sometimes I'm just in the mood to write about the people I know and love. I work from home on the computer (in addition to writing). My 16 year old just went to prom last night with a senior boy and I'm feeling *incredibly* old at the moment!

Fandoms I write in: Adventures in Babysitting, Anita Blake, Bones, The Breakfast Club, Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel (I lump them together because I write primarily BtVS with a few AtS), Days Of Our Lives, Firefly / Serenity, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Gone With the Wind, Heroes, Joan of Arcadia, Lost, Phantom of the Opera, Sex and the City, Silence of the Lambs / Hannibal, Smallville, Stephanie Plum, Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars, Witchblade, X-Files. My fan fiction can be found on my website or here at LiveJournal: apckrfansfic

I'm an odd duck in fandom I guess in that while I may believe in a OTP, I tend to write across the board in fan fiction and try not to let my bias show when it comes to writing canon ships. Unconventional, I'm all about preference (Claire/Haitian from Heroes). I mean, the way I look at it, people can love more than one person. It doesn't negate the love they felt for person A or B or Z. People grow, move on, things happen that pull people apart (I can attest to this last one first hand!). I've enjoyed, for instance, delving beyond the canon that Joss gave us in Buffy's world and have paired Buffy with Graham, Gunn, and Lindsey - and it's been fun!

6:48 pm
Well I should probably...
...make a post. I actually started this group long ago but it never took off. I've decided I'm going to try again. Hi, my few members and watchers. Let me start with a simple question. What couples do you support?
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
9:30 am
Memories - Spike/Buffy (Within Temptation)
A very sad and emotional video with its own story. On the edge of Spike's death, Buffy and Spike look back at the memories of their love for one another.

Song - Memories by Within Temptation
Edited on Sony Vegas

Feedback is appreciated...

Friday, August 4th, 2006
6:08 am
How sad. The first post is a commity pimp. You can deleat this if not allowed.

I just started an icon community for science fiction and fantasy shipping. Come join if you are intersted.


I'm a huge shipper at heart, and I love icons. This will be a great place for different fandoms to come together to celebrate shipping. Actually, it's sort of similar to this one, but a little more specific.
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